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Usine Attraction

True to our values

Ours is the story of a tightly knit family and team.

Attraction was founded in 1980 in Lac-Drolet by the Gagnon brothers. From a small sports store, it evolved into a garment manufacturing and decorating company whose products are sold across Canada, from coast to coast.

Running the show today, the second-generation business couple of Julia Gagnon and Sébastien Jacques find their inspiration in the strength of their team, the greater Attraction family.

Genuinely faithful to their values of respect, accountability and collaboration, the team is committed to doing a little more every day for their families, their customers, the community, and the environment.

ethica by Attraction

ethica was born out of that spirit more than 10 years ago. An exclusive Attraction brand, ethica actively takes part in the change by promoting community development and upholding respect for the environment.

100% Canadian, ethica clothing is manufactured locally by our unionized teams using organic and recycled fibers. We also make great efforts to reuse our left over. Notably, we manufacture masks and toques using our textile waste.

Proudly wearing ethica means saying loud and clear what matters to us. Be part of the change by expressing your own values.

Étiquette de la marque ethica fabriqué par Attraction

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Two employees from the Ethica sewing workshop.
A dedicated and enthusiastic production worker who is committed to the ethical and sustainable values of the eco-friendly brand ethica by Attraction.
Proud production employee for the ethica brand.

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